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Favourite word in a foreign language competition

Well done to all those who took part in the competition from Year 7, 8 and 9. We were extremely impressed with the high level of entries, displaying wonderful creativity and originality in the choice of languages chosen. Many different languages were represented including Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Bengali, Lithuanian, Mandarin Chinese, Afrikaans, Swedish, Russian, Zulu.

The winners were: Cristina Gritto (Yr 7 winner), Inès Sebaihi and Agnès Handford (joint Yr 8 winners), Kayla McDonald (Yr 9 winner). They all win a meal at a local restaurant including Nando’s, Franco Manca and Zizzi’s.

We had 10 runners up Rebecca Skeggs (Yr 7), Kristina Pisova (Yr 7), Lucy Shotton (Yr 7), Hayley Tam (Yr 7), Lily Hartigan (Yr 7), Salomeia Pop (Yr 8), Lauren Gover (Yr 8), Temi Badmus (Yr 9), Caroline Tartas (Yr 9), Anusuya Gupta (Yr 9) who all win a crêpe at Bromley crêperie, crêpe affaire.

The languages department would like to congratulate the worthy winners and all those who took part. Thank you also to the local businesses who kindly donated prizes.