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About School Governors

Who are the School Governors?

The Governing Body is made up of members of the local community, parents, and school staff including the Headteacher.  You can Meet the Governors below.

What is the role of School Governors?

Our main role is to work with the Headteacher and staff to make Bullers Wood the best school it can possibly be. We know that Bullers Wood is already a very popular school with high standards (Ofsted in 2011 categorised it as “Outstanding”), and our aim is to build on these strengths to help make it an even better school for all its students.

Our role is primarily strategic: we are not involved in the day-to-day running of the school. In practice, this means we decide with the Headteacher and Leadership Team what we all want the school to achieve and set out a framework for getting there. This involves setting aims and objectives, agreeing policies, targets and priorities, and regularly monitoring and reviewing these aims and objectives to check they are being achieved.

We also act as a “critical friend” to the school. Many of the Governors have particular areas of expertise (finance, law, personnel etc) and can offer support and constructive advice when necessary. We can also question, seek information and make suggestions in order to help the school arrive at the best results.qualityclick thiscookie king vape juice

How do we fulfil this role?

Each Governor is a link for a specific area of the School Improvement Plan and visits the School a couple of times each year, meeting with key staff to monitor the particular priority. The full Governing Board meets at least once per term to oversee the School Improvement Plan, decide on other key issues and support the Trustee Board in their work.  It is immensely rewarding as Governors need to have a really good understanding of life at Bullers Wood School.

More Information?

If you would like more information about school governors, please consult For more information about Bullers Wood School Governors, please contact the Clerk to the Governors at Bullers Wood School.

The Chair of the Governors is Peter Selby.  Both the Chair of Governors and the Clerk can be contacted via e-mail at

Or writing to:
The Clerk to the Governors
c/o Bullers Wood School
St. Nicolas Lane
Logs Hill