A Level Exam Results

Bullers Wood School are delighted to announce an outstanding set of A2 and L3 BTEC results.
76.7% of all grades were A*-C and 50.3% A*-B
12.1% of all grades were A*, 29.3% of all grades A*-A
26.2% of students achieved all A*-B grades
http://www.bwsgirls.org/wp-admin/post-new.php62.1% of students achieved all A*-C grades

These grades have secured students places on some of the most competitive courses around the country, including Oxford University and Medicine.

Our Level 3 BTEC results were once again impressive, with 100% pass rate and 96% of all grades being the equivalent to A*-C, including 41% equivalent to A*.

Students across all courses and programmes should be proud of their achievements which are the result of their sustained hard work over two years of study; supported by dedicated and expert teachers. Alongside this they have achieved many other qualifications – for example in Music and Drama exams, Extended Project Qualification and Finance; not to mention their involvement in many and varied activities and expeditions in school, locally, nationally and internationally. The qualities and achievements in these areas alongside their academic qualifications set them in good stead for their future courses, training or employment.

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