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Bullers Woodstock 2020

As we are unable to hold our annual summer concert this year we are going to have a virtual one. Bullers Woodstock will go live on Mr Parsons’ YouTube channel on Friday 10th July!

If you want to take part here is what to do.

  1. Film yourself playing a piece of music (this can be accompanied or unaccompanied).
  2. Make sure you are suitably dressed – this is a concert so no PJs!
  3. Film yourself against a neutral background, like curtains or a wall.
  4. Send me the video via, if it is too big to send via email. I also need you to tell me name of the piece and who it is written by.
  5. Get your parents to email me at stating that they consent to you being on YouTube. The video will be unlisted, meaning people we not be able to search for it, only people with the link will be able to watch

I hope you are all well and can’t wait to hear all of your great music!

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