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COVID-19 House Competition

Bullers Wood School ‘House’ system invites you all to take part in this COVID-19 poem or poster competition!

1 – Write a short poem / or design a poster to describe your own personal perspective of the Corona-Virus Pandemic.

2 -Your poem / poster must not be longer / bigger than one-page of an A4 size sheet.

3 – Your poem / poster may include information from the genesis of the virus, the spread of the virus, scientific evidences and interpretations, lockdowns, school closures, panic buying, stock piling, and implications, effects (physical, psychological, emotional, financial), claps for the NHS, daily updates from the government, remote learning, not seeing family members, friends etc….the facts, the fictions, the rumours, the slogans, etc

4 – Your poem / poster may include the hope for the future, the plans ahead, what you would like to see.

5 – Your poem / poster must be original, having your own personal touch to it… for example you may include examples of something peculiar in your community, what you saw, experienced, heard or witnessed…etc.

6 – Send your entries to by 3rd July 2020.

7 – Winners will be announced after entries are closed.


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