Sixth Form Student Dress Code

From September 2017

Our Sixth Form is a place to learn and prepare for the working world. Sixth Form students are role models for the rest of the school who are dressed in school uniform, and therefore the dress code is geared towards a smart and formal appearance.

Sixth Form students will be issued with an ID pass and a lanyard which they will be expected to wear at all times whilst on site.

Sixth Form students may choose from:

Traditional two-piece matching suit, incorporating a tailored jacket and trousers/skirt in conventional colours, i.e. brown, blue, grey, or black. Trousers should be full length. Skirts must be worn with tights and be mid-thigh length as a minimum.

A conventional shirt or blouse – plain, or modestly patterned providing it is tailored and designed for formal wear. It must have sleeves and must not be low cut; it must cover shoulders and midriff. T shirts are not permitted.

A tie is optional.
• A plain fine knitted V-neck jumper or cardigan in a conventional colour can be worn under the suit jacket.
• Plain smart shoes in a single dark colour. Heels should be less than 5cm high. Boots no higher than the ankle.
• Fabric coat with long sleeves. Large logos, denim, leather, suede, PVC and fur coats/jackets are not allowed.



Jackets must be worn at all formal events, e.g. (but not exclusively) assembly, photographs. Jackets can be removed in lessons and the rules may be relaxed on very hot days.

In Technology, PE, Drama, Dance or Science students may be required to bring in protective or specialist clothing to be worn during these lessons, but not around school.

Jewellery must be subtle and consistent with smart formal dress. Apart from earrings, no other visible piercings or spacers are permitted, and it is not acceptable to cover up additional piercings with, for example, plasters or retainers. The same rule applies to tattoos which should not be visible at all. Headwear and hats should not be worn in lessons (except for parentally confirmed religious or medical reasons). Hair should be of natural colour and appearance and extreme hairstyles are not permitted.

Items such as ‘Hoodies’ and inappropriate piercings will be confiscated and sanctions will be applied in line with school policy.