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Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented (Academically Able) at Bullers Wood

The top 5% of students in each year group are highlighted to all staff, parents and governors. These students are selected using data (both internal and external). The progress of these students is monitored closely.

Examples of Gifted and Talented Initiatives at Bullers Wood include:
◾NACE membership
◾IGGY membership;
◾Access to MOOCS at KS4&5;
◾EQP for KS4&5
◾K+ scheme at Kings College London;
◾Summer schools organised by Eton College;
◾Imperial College,
◾Sutton Trust;
◾The Oxford University African and Caribbean Society (ACS) conference;
◾Life drawing classes for able Artists at KS5 through Eltham College;
◾Chemistry Olympiad;
◾Russell Group programme at KS5;
◾Latin classes at KS4;
◾STEM groups at KS3;
◾Mock magistrates trial at KS3;
◾Involvement with the Chislehurst society at KS3;
◾Drama LAMDA Examinations at KS4 and 5;
◾Maths Challenge – Junior and Senior;
◾Competitive Universities Evening at KS4 and 5;
◾Paired reading at KS3
◾Opportunities in Philosophy and RS at KS3, KS4 and KS5;
◾Design Ventura;
◾Light projects in Physics KS3 and 4;
◾Royal Institute Mathematics Classes (Bromley High School);
◾Team Maths Challenge (at St Olaves School);
◾GA World Wise quiz;
◾Lectures at Royal Geographical Society and Royal Society of Chemistry;
◾‘Pathways to success’ at Murray Edwards College Cambridge