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Work Experience

Work Experience is part of the Government’s Work Related Learning curriculum in KS4 and provides the opportunity for young people to experience at first hand, but unpaid, the world of work.

We believe that learning from experience is relevant throughout life and for students to experience the world of work has a high degree of relevance to their current educational programme and their long term interests and aspirations.

This year Work Experience will involve your daughter doing a full day’s work for one week, in Year 10. We take great care to ensure that all our students are properly prepared for work experience and that they are suited to the placement they undertake. We do encourage students to find their own placements however, if this proves difficult we can provide suitable placements for them.

Work Experience helps students to:

  • Understand and learn how an employing organisation functions
  • Learn work processes at first hand
  • Experience the social relationships at work
  • Discover the expectations that employees will have of fellow workers
  • Assess how they will adapt to working patterns and relationships outside school
  • Gain the self-confidence needed in an adult world
  • Develop skills and knowledge for adult life

To obtain the Self Placement and Parental Consent Forms, or any other relating documents please visit the student VLE page, under Careers, Enterprise and WEX Department.

Many prestigious placements for example Theatre, Media, Advertising, Magazines, Newspapers and Veterinary surgeries are already allocating placements and we would strongly advise that your daughter should apply NOW to avoid disappointment. Personal application is often more successful as it shows commitment to that particular placement. For those students who wish to apply to Schools please come to the Work Experience Office (B33).

In our experience, students benefit more if they do not work directly with a parent or close relative. However, we realise that many of you work in large organisations that may well be able to offer an excellent placement to your daughter.

Students will be seen to help in the process of finding and allocating placements.

We cannot allow students to work on a one to one basis for reasons of complications with Child Protection and we discourage working for family businesses as we find complications with insurance cover.

We ask students to complete a logbook during their work experience and to carry out research into the company or organisation. At the end of work experience the students use this information to evaluate their placement. Students will be expected to complete a work experience survey about their experiences, write a statement about her placement for her final report and write a letter of thanks to their employer.

Work Experience Guidelines
The schools’ Work Experience Department follows the Bromley Education Business Partnership (BEBP) guidelines. Only approved placements will be allowed and a placement may only take place upon the written approval and consent of the parent/guardian.

New placements are monitored to ensure appropriate programmes of work, health & safety, legal and moral requirements and suitability. A qualified IOSH trained person will check placements prior to the students starting their work experience. Work Experience will not commence if a placement is unsuitable.

The school monitors and supports the students during their work experience placements, to ensure students have a valuable learning experience of the world of work.